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Company Name nanolux co. ltd.
CEO Motoshi Sobue
Established Jan 20, 2010 (Restarted in Oct 2015)

Headquarter: Ushiku, Ibaraki, Japan

Tokyo Office: Shinagawa Grand Central Tower, 8F, 2-16-4 Konan, Minato-ku Tokyo

Nara Research Lab: Photonic Device Science Lab, Division of Materials Science, Nara Institute of Science and Technology (NAIST), 8916-5 Takayama, Ikoma, Nara 630-0101, JAPAN

China Entity: Nanolux China, Shezhen. 

Product & Service Color night vision sensor, camera, and system solution
Staff 4 people
Capital JPY 65 million yen

Motoshi Sobue, Ph.D.

M.A. Duke University, M.S. Waseda University, Ph.D. NAIST
Bank of Japan, Finance, Strategy, Sales and Marketing Directors in Intel, Dell and BAT. Vice Chairman in an angel group in Japan. Project professor at NAIST.

Founding history

Motoshi Sobue took over the representative and restarted the organization in October 2015.


In his previous career, Motoshi learned the splendor of technology at Intel and Dell and international business at BAT. As the technology was very attractive, Motoshi decided to put his effort to accelerate Nanolux. It is well known that the technology is not easy to cross the “valley of death”. Motoshi is passionate about “sending technology to the world.”


Particularly Japan is a cutting-edge location on imaging sensors and imaging analysis. With very talented engineers, Motoshi is very confident that Nanolux took the best opportunity and will overcome challenge toward the success.

Introduction of Nanolux

Founded in Tsukuba City, Japan, Nanolux commercialize color night vision technology developed by AIST, the biggest industrial research institute in Japan. The color night vision contributes greatly to safety and visibility driven by the high performance on surveillance, medical camera, automotive, smartphone with the enriched imaging quality. The technology provides clear color movie without visible light by using only infrared illumination. It has wide range of applications since it is economical and good at motion. Nanolux completed several POC projects following its first product in Feb 2017 for infrastructure monitoring. The current primary focus is healthcare system including a fundus camera and pulse sensing. The mass-production will start soon to meet strong demand for industry and consumer products

Nanolux team is our asset as it has a collection of extremely talented engineers who are familiar with their respective fields. The ultimate goal is to bring this technology out to the world and have many people use it. We want our employees to work together toward the goal.




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Nanolux was featured 「Shooting color infrared images/videos in darkness」 on Yahoo Japan News.
Nanolux CEO introduced on Nikkei Sangyo Newspaper.
Nanolux was introduced on “TECH Meets BUSINESS”, AIST.
Nanolux exhibited at CHINA HI TECH FAIR held in Shenzhen and introduced on
Nanolux exhibited at CHINA HI TECH FAIR held in Shenzhen and introduced on News column.
Nanolux exhibited at CHINA HI TECH FAIR held in Shenzhen and our demo exhibition was broadcast on Guangdong TV.
The G20 Ibaraki Tsukuba Trade and Digital Economy Ministers’ Meeting was held at the Tsukuba International Congress Center and Nanolux exhibited at a joint booth with AIST.。
Nanolux was featured on Nikkan Kogyo News paer.
Hirai Science and Technology Minister Pitch to the Minister round-table conference “HIRAI Pitch in Tsukuba” was held at Tsukuba Research Support Center, and CEO Sobue gave a presentation.
Leaflet about our camera was up-loaded.
Our brochure was renewed.
Leaflet about our camera was up-loaded.
Our brochure was renewed.
MERGER MARKET, “Nanolux plans Series A funding round in 2018, CEO says”
A seed investment of $1.2 million led by a leading IT company ASUS who will invest $0.9 million, with additional funds coming from Tsukuba Bank Group (Press Release)
Nanolux will make a presentation at ” AISTUniversity of Tsukuba, and TCI venture technology meeting” at TCI
Nanolux will make a presentation at TIP*S
Nanolux will exhibit in one of the world’s largest IT trend shows.
We moved our Main Office in TCI
Nanolux was featured on Nikkei Sangyo Newspaper.
Nanolux CEO introduced on Nikkei Sangyo Newspaper.
Nanolux was granted a NEDO Start-up Innovator fund (annual grant 3.5 mil yen)
Nanolux won the 1st prize of Nissay Capital venture award.
Nanolux was introduced on “TECH Meets BUSINESS”, AIST.
Nanolux was introduced on news release of Sharp Corporation.

2019.03.26 JEITA
Japan Electronics and Information Technology Industries Association
JEITA Venture Award

The 4th “JEITA Venture Award”

Weekly Toyo Keizai magazine: issued February 18, 2017

Selected as one of 100 venture companies that can be changed Japan

Nissay Capital Co., Ltd.
NCC Venture Grand Prix 2016

Grand Prix

Award-winning idea:
The world’s first color image with an infrared camera

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